Wednesday, August 15, 2012


so.... late last night~ after a fun evening dining & gabbing with girl friends outside sea salt restaurant at minnehaha falls, we said goodbye, hugged tightly and started to our cars. then someone decided to walk over and look down at the falls. then we decided to take a picture of the 4 of us that were still there. then that one picture turned into a full blown post-senior picture session. we ALL thought it was a particularly good hair night for each of us- and i concluded that we look SO MUCH better in the dark that that is the only way i will ever have my picture taken again. amen.


we thought it was a wrap and then someone-(i think it was the funster
on the right) suggested we go take pictures on the rickshaws for rent. : )

by the time we wrapped up the fun we practically needed to eat again.

p.s. the wait for food at sea salt was so long that cheri
practically gnawed her own arm off. if you head there to eat i
suggest you bring appetizers in your purse~

thanks for bringing your real life ballerina along cheri-so fun to see her-home from the new york city ballet company!

hello beautiful lexi!

keep it sunny today~
xo, beth


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!
    we must venture out to this place AND ride the rickshaw! I will pedal... you take pictures and provide the snacks!
    :) deal?

  2. What a super fun night, so love you girls!! And to have the real life ballerina join us was such an extra bonus!
    PS if you and Mags go on the rickshaw I want to go with you two mad crazy chicks! xoxo Mary A


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