Thursday, August 2, 2012

cool ideas and stuff

                                     this would be fun to wake up to huh?

                                                       crazy cool stool~

                     girlfriend needs some raised garden boxes like these

           i've got a cool old shelf/box kind of like this with one old clock in it.
                                 ~  there will be more!  ~ love this!

                  mismatched stools? i dig it~ i've been collecting mismatched
                   chairs for around the table at the cabin. i sit on which ever
                  one looks the most appealing on any given day. :  )

tree trunk path- call paul bunyan - going to need some help with this one

i'm always saving things i see and want to share on my blog- it gives me a chance to just coast a bit- not have to write much some days- just give you some fun things to look at.

it's friday- or as my friend maggie calls it "fun friday"! i'm staying up past my bedtime every nite to watch more of the olympics- i told the hubs- i think they should stop programming at
about 8 p.m. and give us all a chance to take our showers and get settled back in with a bed snack. we need an intermission!!!!!

let's all agree to get outside a bit more this weekend- i've heard in mn. it's supposed to be a tad cooler. i'll take whatever "tad" mother nature wants to throw our way!!!!

xo, beth


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    That clock is the bees knees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So are you! :)


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