Tuesday, August 14, 2012

tumbled glass...

i have so many fun pictures from my weekend on the north shore that i can't wait to share more but for now...here is a shot of my beach glass. my friends and i cannot WAIT to set our arses in the sand and start digging when we get up to lake superior. it's always a contest to see who can find the most beach glass. we sit for hours with our heads down, digging and squeeling with delight when we unearth a particularly fabulous piece. heart shaped rocks also call to me.  i also like unusual rocks. and driftwood. and smooth rocks. oh and agates.
and did i mention piano keys from the titanic?

for now tho- it's back to reality. i must get ready for work and that really cuts into my
bogging time ladies- anybody else ready to retire? 

xo, beth

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  1. Ok... so we TOTALLY hit the jackpot my friend!!!!
    SUCH a wonderful time!
    I love you!!!


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