Monday, October 24, 2011

toys on the carpet~

this past weekend we had toys on the carpet. you know what that means right? yep, there were little ones in the hood. we had fun taking care of this little 3 and 5 yr. old brother and sister while their momma attended a wedding on a boat. i'm quite sure after seeing elexia in action-that had she been invited on the boat, girlfriend would have jumped ship and swam with the sharks. she's a hoot---full of piss and vinegar. takes after her auntie v. as a little girl. : ) brother aidan is about as perfect as a 5 yr old can be. i made them popcorn and we had an ice cream party, they got pancakes shaped like mickey mouse and their own little syrup pitchers. we went on a nature walk and swang on the neighbors swings....thanks kids for making my weekend fly by!

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  1. Thanks to you for doing such fun things with my kids! We all appreciate you very much!


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