Sunday, October 23, 2011


here's the 6 Girls With Good Taste that
made it to Blvd. Kitchens thurs. p.m.
can i just say that if you haven't tried Blvd. Kitchens in Minnetonka yet-you should. (just not on a night i want to be there-it's crazy busy-hard to get a table busy) the reason they are so crazy busy is this: the food is excellent, the ambience is just right and the wait staff top notch. we are practically expecting an invitation to our waiter Dan's wedding. he was darling. we ate too much and then topped it off with cake & sparklers. we had a couple cool things to celebrate. there's just nothing like a good girl's night out to recharge my batteries.

xo, beth

i think someone was a little excited! tee hee

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