Wednesday, October 19, 2011

girls with good taste

that's what we are...girls with good taste. that means in decor, food and most of all friends! earlier this summer i woke up early one day and had time to just think. well i started thinking about how many of my friends i just never get to see enough of.
 i treasure my friends, and i'm talking cherish-more than riches, more than gold-they make my life better. they laugh with me and cry with me- care about my family and support me in so many ways. i wasted no time in deciding that i would throw out a random invite to 9 of them to join me in meeting for dinner every 6 weeks. well within 1 day i heard back from all of them and they were all in- in like flinn. so tomorrow evening after we've all finished work, we will come together to share some good food and drink and just catch up on each other's lives and laugh. these woman all "get it" they know what's really important and it's not how we look, or what our houses look like. come in your pajamas if you want. don't wash your hair-i don't care-what matters is the connection.


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