Sunday, October 16, 2011

let's jazz it up~

so yesterday i was out doing  some shopping and i saw the cutest white henley in a little
boutique. i liked it alot, but not the price tag of $64 bucks, so resourceful old me (yes I excelled
at home ec--girlfriend knows how to sew a button on) had a light bulb moment as i placed it back

 on the rack. what set this baby apart, were the 5 different little buttons down the front. i have an almost new-only been washed once henley from target' and i came right home and found 5 darling little mismatched buttons and so i cut off the old, sewed on some new "old" ones and voila!

what do you think? i think it's genious.


our grandson is bow hunting for the first time this year. this morning he somehow got
his finger caught in the string and got a SERIOUS owie. it was bad, so bad it made
this 12 year old werewolf hooooowl. i guess after the bleeding stopped he told his dad
that he was afraid he was going to have to have it amputated.  fortunately some TLC and a trip
to party america for this mask, turned out to be just what the DR. ordered. i haven't heard
any howling coming from the family room in over an hour.

xo, beth

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