Tuesday, October 11, 2011

one girls trash is another girls treasure

these two pillow were one of my best summer finds- down filled inserts, reversible- $2 ea. : )

i purchased 2 of these wooden boxes...one was red  .50 ea.!

heavy metal candle holders. 2 for $1 ea.

o.k. seriously! do you not love this table? it's on the deck now-but this baby will
be residing by my reading chair when the snow flies.  $2. yes you read that right!

here it is all cleaned up and accessorized
 so here's something you should know about me...i love a good yard sale or occasional sale. know what i mean? do you too get that euphoric feeling when you get something really awesome-(usually something you didn't even know you needed) for a few bucks?
above and below are some of my favorite purchases from this past summer.

i got 3 of these old, two sided  chalkboards. $2 ea.

it's all about a new vase for me...you can't see the little handles on the sides and the crackled
finish-the farmers market bouquet is so deliciously distracting.  $2

i collect old silver pieces. $3

and here's a couple of my favorite finds....yep old cameras for the photography lover. i paid $5 for one and i think 2 bucks for the other. don't they look great on my black entry shelf? you never know what you'll find 
when you stop at someones sale...but maybe-just maybe you'll score some treasures like i did. (and remember, if there's kids selling lemonade, it's mandatory to buy some!)

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