Monday, October 10, 2011

A girl's best friends~

Like sunshine on a rainy day, like warm bread to dip in my soup, like carmel on an apple, my best friends make my life so much better. This past weekend the 4 of us met at Leslie's for the 9th annual Diva Convention.(as we so fondly call them).
It was humid and windy as all get out. We practically blew into town and then proceeded to carry in the 93 bags of goodies required to make the weekend successful! Christa had brought her homemade chili-(unbelievably delish) and Leslie had the table set for a queen. (or country Divas like us). L. and C. met Maggie and I at the door wearing hilarious Halloween masks and it was ON!!!
We talked nonstop, shared stories & stacks of fabulous fall magazines, did 3 art projects, fed ourselves when hungry, went junkin, exchanged bed prizes and went to bed in the wee hours of the morning~ exhausted from the laughing and pranks we play on each other... just.the usual for the 4 of us. : )
* Oh how I wish my camera had been handy when M. jumped out of a kitchen closet and practically scared her dear mother to death!!!!!!!!!!

it's all about Fall!
last week I saw velvet pumpkins in a cute little shop in Excelsior---wanted one in every color!

we scored these darling old blocks for Leslie's newest grandbaby-who's room has a dog theme

you can do this yourself with old skeleton (get it?) keys 

these "who-whos" were one of our projects

So here are a few more photos of the fun, and a huge shout out of thanks to Leslie, the most hilariously generous hostess you will ever meet!
My cup runneth over with the blessing these woman are in my life.
A mom, her two daughters and little old me.
We are 4 peas in a pod.

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