Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my Singer and I

here's a project i tried today. i made these little gift bags. burlap is in right now and i considered making bags with it-but it's darker than i wanted...so dark that i didn't think my stamping would show up on it, so i purchased a yard of this linen like fabric in a great bone color. next i cut out rectangles that were 5 x 7 in. big. what followed that was me looking high and low, far and wide and finally finding my 30,000 rubber stamps. just kidding girls. i don't have over 100.
 i monkeyed around to find combinations that i thought would look french/cute and proceeded to stamp on the fabric. next i took the second side and sewed a bit of ribbon in the middle, app. 1/4 of the way down from the top to use as a tie and then sewed the 2 sides together, inside out. just turn them right side out, fill them and wrap the ribbon around and tie. this was a simple and quick way to make a one of a kind, reusable little bag. it felt good to sew but now i'm on to a crocheted headband. : )

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