Thursday, October 13, 2011

love is in the details

drinks anyone?

here's the chef doing what he does best
sooo...because my blog is new and i am excited to have followers, i am posting alot....(i said i was verbose remember?)

the little details are how so many of us show our love for one another- and here's a great example-
grab a bag and fill er up!
 my dear friend, who also just happens to be my boss- hosts a summer gala every year for her 40 (seriously?) best gal-pals and she pulls out all the stops.  
annie has a big chalkboard on her kitchen wall, it's fab-U-lous

goodies galore
 this year she again had her culinary son do all the cooking and there was delicous food, a candy bar, a bartender and favors...can you say hot summer fun?
you love with your whole heart girl-graci

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