Saturday, October 15, 2011

i would name him Pippen

Pippen? is it you?
o.k., so i know this is really random, but i just had to put it out there. i have never been the biggest
animal lover in the world. don't get me wrong tho- i wish i was-and you wanna know why? it's because the people i know who are the furry friend lovers are some of the most loving people i know. (cept the scary cat ladies....they are, well, just scary - you know the ones on the news with like 34 cats in the kitchen). but here's what i've decided. if this little fella rang my doorbell, he would get to come in and stay. for good. i'm quite smitten with him. and i've picked out his name. i think i could very well fall in love with him in about 20 minutes.

 I'm off to join the circus ~   
                                    xo, beth

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  1. ohhhh be still my heart!!! he is swoon worthy! love the pic of his head tipped :-)


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