Saturday, October 22, 2011

happy birthday little one~

two years ago today i had the privilege to be part of this sweet babies birth. her momma maggie is
one of my very best friends and she and her hubbie brian invited me to be their dula. i was on speed
dial for the last couple of weeks, checking in with them daily. (or more-this is a bff remember?) maggie had been admitted to the hospital earlier that day, almost 2 weeks before her due date because her blood presssure had spiked.  i got "the" call about 12  a.m. that the birth process had begun and i thew on my clothes, grabbed my bag and camera and  raced north
they live an hour away and i was so afraid i wasn't going to get there in time. well i did and after taking a wrong exit and having a heck of a time getting past security in hospital in the middle of the night...i finally rushed into their room to find them both semi sleeping and calm as all get out. they slept most of the night while i sat awake like the mother hen i am praying and waiting for the little one's arrival. even tho it's impossible-i've gotta tell you that i'd like to have one more baby. i'd like to experience a birth with an epidural folks. that's the way to go. i'd like someone to wake me up and tell me i'm dilated to a 10 and am ready to push! nice.
well it wasn't all wine and roses let me tell you, but maggie was amazing and josie kay hubbling burst into this world in the morning hours two years ago today, and our world has never been the same.
happy 2nd birthday to a precious blessing from above. thanks brian and maggie for allowing me to be a part of her story. buckets full of love on your birthday little one! xo em

the birth was imminent

Josie Kay Hubbling~10-22-09

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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Auntie! We love you SOOOOO MUCH!


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