Thursday, July 5, 2012

what is it about family?

this past weekend was my family reunion. it was hot. and i do mean hot~ like my girl said~ "almost as hot as belize". but still we gathered~ for the 33rd summer in a row we gathered and caught up on each others lives and ate good food and tried to find shade or even just the tiniest hint of a breeze.

cousin judy made this remarkable cake, what a labor of love!!!

 games were played~

little girls got reacquainted~

the sun baked down while the program was held~

and for me, the highlight was when they asked anyone who thought they could stand on their head to come up and show us. my grandmother was a bit of a legend in her time, for continuing to stand on her head (for her grandkids) long past the age of 50. three volunteers came up and guess who was awarded the prize? my momma's twin sister dora, who's 76 years old!!!

                here she sits, all demure and lovely-but now look at her!

up, up and she's done it folks---and she held this perfect position for quite a while too!
i know, i know- at 76? you've got to be kidding me!!! if you wonder what her secret is, it's having been a hardworking farmer her whole life. she's just retired in the past year and
altho she may not be throwing bales of hay anymore- this girls still got it right?  : )

*a few  much younger competitors flailed around trying to outdo her but NADA! it could not be done!!!! (do you think this should maybe be an olympic event?)

so what is it about family anyway? they are the people we came from, our past and our future. i am never more comfortable in my own skin then when i am surrounded by these people of mine. if you're a baldwin and you're reading this- i love you and i'm glad to be a part of this great big clan. it's a simple as that.
now if you'll excuse me, i have to go practice my headstand.

xo, beth

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  1. love this post, beth! :) I love our family, too!


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