Tuesday, July 24, 2012

yep...it's love

this is my sweet niece and her boyfriend/husband. they were just on a vacation and she posted this picture. i think it's as adorable as she is- and this boy? he ain't bad either! they just celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary and i want to wish them many, many more romantic sunsets together.

love you guys- hope you don't mind me sharing the love!!!!

xo, beth


  1. too cute for words :) i love this picture!

  2. o my lordie.... just teared right up over here- first you have these beautiful words about being greatFULL and thankFULL then as if that didnt already put a smile on my face then what do i see but this beautiful posting :) love you auntie and AM SO GREAT FULLLLLLL FOR YOU!!!!


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