Wednesday, July 11, 2012

too good not to share~

i subscribe to this blog called the brave girls club. (this is re posted from their site.)
i get their daily feeds and its surprising how many days their well written words speak right to me & seem to be just what i needed to hear.

if you are interested just google them and get in on all the goodness.

these 2 chicks, melody and kathy have come up with such a brilliant "why didn't i think of that" idea. it started with their blog, which is alllllll about encouraging women. next they had a twice a year camp they called SOUL RESTORATION and it has grown and blossomed and NOW they are opening a year around camp out west that i would like to add to my bucket list. you get to go and hear other women tell their stories, encourage one another~ make all kinds of art, eat, rest and restore your soul. all of this on the banks of the idaho river in gorgeous star idaho.
be still my heart.

from one brave girl to another,
make it a great day!

xo beth

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