Monday, July 9, 2012

oh the "wholesomeness"

who doesn't love a good old farmer's market? on sat. my friend cindy picked me up in her yellow bug (with the floral wheelcover) : ) and off we went to the mill city market!!!

it was the first day that hadn't been a soaring scorcher for so long that people were out in droves. the granola people, the babies in strollers, the bikers-hikers and slackers. sporting bandanas and bike shorts, sundresses and graphic t's, together we spent the morning looking, taking pictures, buying, eating and exploring the area. i'd never walked across the scenic stone arch bridge or watched a boat being lowered in the lock at the dam. i told ms. cindy that i felt like i was on vacation---i was full of questions and like a little kid full of wonder.

here in pictures is some of our fun~

there are many farmers markets to choose from in this big buzzin city i live in, but this was one of my favorites. big enough to be interesting, small enough to feel quaint and "hometownish".

i even got $7 in change like this~ & harldly knew what these coins were...haha

these yarns were so yummy i wanted to eat them, or buy them allll and learn to weave, or maybe just get my own sheep?

the mighty mississippi.... (i have always loved spelling mississippi out loud--you just did it too didn't you? come on, i know you did!)

i need to own one of these babies~

i came home all sunkissed and tired out- happy as a clam from my mini vacation to the big city. this county girl sure enjoyed her trip to the city on saturday.

xo, beth

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  1. NEXT time - I AM COMING WITH!!! AND buying all of that yarn :)


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