Wednesday, July 18, 2012

today i'm going to share some snapshots from our lodge up north.

vintage minnow bucket from a friend~

the beginning of a wall of family memorabilia~this wall will be upgraded to actual wood someday.   haha

i love books. just love em.

my gram made this bear out of an old coat in the 70's. what a treasure.

this pillow was a birthday gift

and then there's duke (doogie to me). he's always a part of our weekends there with our oldest son.

this game board was my sweetie's when he was a child. (that makes it old). : )

this is not photoshopped. promise. it's really a little hummingbird hanging out at my feeder.

our vacation this summer will consist of going to our cabin. a lot. so that's where most of my pictures will be from. it's our happy place now.

i hope these pictures made you a little bit happy too!

xo, beth

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