Friday, July 27, 2012

yard sales are the bEsT!

look what i found for 5 bucks today!!!! umm hmmm- an old typewriter. it's the most to die for color- turquoisy green, still has a ribbon in it that works and it's value on e-bay? up to $325.

got in the car and my heart was racing a little bit. just say'n.

if you want, i'll type a letter and send it to you! i will!!!  in jr. high i could type about 70 words a minute on a manual typewriter. it was one of my favorite classes. the boys didn't like it as much if i remember correctly. my bff naomi was the fastest typist in the room and they used to torture her by walking up to throw away a spit ball or something and they'd hit the return button on her machine-making her loose her place. dumb boys.

give me $20 and turn me loose on a thursday morning. i think it's a little like
winning the lottery on a good day.   :  ) 

hope your weekend is filled with sunny skies (and temperatures that never get close to 90).

xo, beth


  1. WOW!! You have the best finds ever! A little jealous over here ;)

  2. I know Chels...I do find the BEST stuff~ but it's hard work too! You have to kiss a lot of frogs-(go to alot and ignore the scary ones) to find the good loot!


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