Monday, July 23, 2012

in the news

it has been kind of a long time since i have worked in my studio. yesterday i was home alone and inspiration struck.   sat. on the way home from a friends i stopped and bought some new jewelry supplies and yesterday i got busy...  : )

the results were several pairs of earrings for a fall sale and THEN i even started crocheting a hat. it felt good.

i also enjoyed watching the season finale' of the bachelorette. there is something so darned sweet and totally sincere about that emily. and jef? adorable right? i think they are perfect for each other and i LOVE seeing 2 people completely head over heels in love. (i called it on the date where they were playing with puppets. i went to work the next day and told my boss that i knew he was "the one").'s finally the week of the olympics!!!!!!!!!!!!  i really should be in london right now, settling into my hotel and practicing my british accent. i'm part english, so it comes pretty naturally. just ask my family~~~ no don't! they'll say i'm not that good, but trust me, i am. love me some olympics.

and lastly-  did you hear david hasselhoff turns 60 this week? the hoff~ 60? i so remember watching his show when he was young and hot and being kind of shocked at all the footage of young female lifegaurds running on the beach~ breasts bouncing up and down in slow motion.


 i want to know, are you one of the people who have stolen the life sized posters of him from around the nation? haha they said on the news this morning that there are 54 of them missing.
  i find comfort in the fact that some of the famous people in the news are still older than me. when that changes and i am older than all the people making the news i think it's going to be very sad. like i'll be saying "who???" who are you talking about? never heard of him."

sposed to be ridiculously hot here again today-
thank you GOD for airconditioning.


xo, beth

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  1. haha don't hassel the hoff...

    I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!


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