Thursday, July 26, 2012


about a year ago i read a book that changed my life. the title is One Thousand Gifts. the writer, ann voscamp, challenges you to begin living a life of gratitude. she freely admits that she'd suffered in her life and that she was stuck in the fear of what else bad could happen. she was having a hard time being hopeful and then she started writing-every single day-what she was thankful for. it changed her. she had a goal to get to 1000 things she was grateful for. well she hit that goal and kept on going.
i decided to buy a beautiful book and  start my own one thousand gifts.

what it becomes~~~ is a gift to yourself. even on the most frustrating days, if i take a couple of minutes to think back on my day- there are always blessings. whether they are simple-like the first cosmos blossom of the season or something huge like a new job...i get into bed with a lighter heart~ bathed in gratitude for the many gifts i have been given.

eucharisteo is thanksgiving. giving thanks.   if i ever get a tattoo, it  just might  be that latin word. am i too old for a tattoo? do you have any? do you regret getting them?

feeling grateful this morning,

xo, beth

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