Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the other day this bluebird did something i found very strange~

 for over an hour it kept hitting my window- (on the second floor) and then clinging to the screen for awhile. i took many photos of it as it continued to fly away and then "clunk" scratch, scratch...it would be back. don't know what that was all about- but i decided it was the bluebird of happiness trying to alert me that something REALLY GREAT is coming my way!

here's a couple more photos favorites from last week.


                               anise-smells like licorice-yumm

                                   a single morning glory leaf

                 and this spectacular zinnia? look closely, it's a triplet.

sometimes i wonder what my neighbors think when they see me outside early in the morning in my nightie and slippers, camera in hand. bent low in front of a blossom.

i love the little things in life. the things that slow me down in wonder.

be blessed today,

xo beth

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