Monday, July 16, 2012

a day without flowers is just...well, it's just sad.

and i don't like to be as usual, when we got to our "lodge" last weekend, my guy and i headed out on 4-wheelers to check on our crops, that being the sweetcorn, pumpkins and melons we've got growing, and also my FLOWERS!!!  not much is blooming yet in the garden, so we headed out on the trails and there was an abundance of "pretty" just ripe for the pickin'.
here's my weekend's kitchen window bouquet. (note the curtains i made last week).

and  because there is a simple abundance of wildflowers on our land, we picked enough for several other places and vases- like this.      : )

last time we were up, i picked and froze rhubarb too and so for the first time ever in my hunting lodgey-like kitchen, muffins were made.

other highlights of the weekend included:

the whole larson clan being there together~ 7 + 2 dogs

part of my bedroom getting painted~

mulch being spread~

a new lawnmower being purchased....(no more hauling ours from home on a trailer)~

and we tubed on the crow wing river on a hot, lazy sunday afternoon~

*life is being so good to us, and we are very aware of it.

if the only prayer you said in your whole life was thank you, that would be enough.


xo, beth

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