Thursday, June 28, 2012

tender mercies

                                           the surgical waiting room....

yesterday was a long day here. our son had rotator cuff surgery to repair his sholder after being rear ended exactly 6 months ago. it's been a long haul, but i am so grateful to the skilled doctor and especially the unsung heros, his nurses mary kay and bethany. they kept me informed and reassured me as i waited and prayed and waited some more. he had a tough go of it ~~ it's never an easy surgery- but there were some unexpected complications with the pain management part (poor guy has a weird nerve pattern that they'd never seen before and areas could not be blocked)  but today was a much better day!     yeah!

so many of you were sending up prayers for him and we felt it- so to the wonderful people at the clinic and my peeps, thank you for your concern,

 you matter to me too!

~they put 4 of these babies in his bone to hold the tendon back on!  (they'd never had anyone ask to see them before- but he wanted to)  : )

xo, beth

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