Monday, June 11, 2012

hi friends!

here's what's makin me happy this gorgeous monday morning!

this is the very last peonies from my garden for the year- how i will miss them- but ohh how i've enjoyed them. aren't they just so f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s?

then there's this garden armillary that friend leslie k. gave me for a "cabin warming" gift---i know---- she's the bee's knees and then some~ see below  ------->

looking out my window i saw the children from the nearby elementary school out for the last day of school picnic-their happy little voices carried thru the air to me- oh to be young again and have the whole summer stretched out in front of you, with no more to do than watch cartoons and catch fireflies!

there's nothing better than a table full of annuals ready to pot up huh? i got the rest of what i'm going to plant today and by bedtime these will be in the pots-ready for some summer lovin!

last night our friends across the street saw us sittin in the garage enjoying a lazy sunday evening and walked over. we sat and hashed over our weekends activities and looked at their daughter's wedding photos i'd just finally finished editing for them when all of a sudden the wind picked up and a big old rainstorm blew in---they tried to wait it out- and my boyfriend offered to drive them home (ha) but mark, being the old boyscout he is said "no, no we'll walk, but can we borrow an umbrella?" so off they went, in the lightning and thunder and torrential rail- we told them if we saw them get hit by lightning- we'd call 911- ASAP! we're good friends huh? : )

look at this little baby robin. it blew out of it's nest yesterday--- well the new puppy was visiting and before we could stop him, his natural instincts kicked in and he had him in his mouth!!!! oh no!!!! our grandson bravely stepped in and grabbed it while the mamma bird was swooping down ready to attack and we moved him to a safe place in the neighbors yard-

it wasn't long before it was chirping he's got some stories to tell his feathered friends today- something akin to jonah and the whale. "so all of a sudden i fell over the edge of the nest and landed on the ground-right- and then i was just sitting there wondering what i was going to do now when this huge gold furry thing came running over and grabbed me in his mouth....." 

hoping your monday was as bright as mine and that if you fell out of anything over the weekend, there was someone there to save you!
- i'm coming off a week of vacation and no offense annie- but you may never see me again!!! whoop whoop---got so much work and play time in- it was glorious!!!

xo, beth

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