Wednesday, June 20, 2012

             "there is a certain happiness in being silly and ridiculous

 ~ giddy up ~

that's right folks.

when was the last time you acted ridiculous? it really does do the heart good. when i think back on my favorite times, they are mostly when i have been part of fun that was just plain silly---- junior high, summer camp, kind of silly.

wanna go on a girls weekend with me? should we act ridiculous? that's my favorite kind of fun.
p.s. it doesn't even have to involve alcohol! (although don't get me wrong- i've got nothin against a good glass of wine.) me and my favorite peeps have so much fun even completely sober, that the people around us probably think we're inebriated- (and probably wish we would just go away!)    : )

here i am, 49 years old and pregnant---NOT- girl adria was wearing an old bridesmaids dress i wore in the late 70's! halloween party smack dab in the middle of a sunday afternoon? you betcha~

while out for a walk in the arizona desert, my sis and i dug thru refuse and  drug it back to decorate a cacti in my cousin's yard as a dumb surprise to make her laugh.

these are two of my favorite funsters....when we're together there's no lack of shenanigans and laughter...

if you're feeling blue~ go ahead call your funniest friends, plan something- & don't come home till you've laughed yourself silly. raise those serotonin levels girls. you cannot simultaneously laugh and be cranky at the same time.

p.s.s. a couple years ago, during a girls weekend in duluth- i made a bestie laugh so hard she threw up. it was about 2 a.m.  ~ we'd eaten too much and were soooo wound up---good times my friends, good times!

xo, beth

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  1. haha cute post!!

    p.s. My sister had a pet bird when I was growing mean is that? She was only allowed to take it out of the cage when I wasn't rust me she figured out how to torment me with it ;)!


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