Thursday, June 14, 2012

goslings, quilts and ukuleles ~

i love this old quilt...$3 at a thrift shop! i nearly walked away from it-but i'm so glad my friend talked me into it- it needed about an hour of repairs and a run thru the old washer and now i can't wait to wrap up with it on a cool day~

i had to stop right in the road and wait patiently whilst this
gaggle of geese slowly crossed the road last week. "take your time there boys and girls- i'm in no hurry".

i took the picture below in a gift shop- isn't this stairway charming? ~and if you ever go on pinterest you've undoubtedly seen how popular painting and decorating hardwood stairs has become. my personal favorites are ones with numbers and stripes, but this set with fun colors made me smile!

last night some friends and i met at the lake harriet bandshell. we ate at bread and pickle (which makes fabulous food by the way) and then we spread out our blankets and listened to the band. other than being a bit too windy, it was a marvelous evening outside just chillin and people watching. there was an older person-none of us could quite figure out if it was a man or a woman- who danced. they danced all alone in front of the stage for a long time-in a world of their own and like one of the girls said, it was kind of funny and sweet and just unusually brave of this cute old person to "dance like no one was watching".

i'm dancing off to bed now- have a blessed weekend and if you get a chance DANCE!

p.s. isn't ukulele a great word...did i spell it right?

xo, beth


  1. haha loved the geese crossing :)

    I have a two month old who loves the sound of the ukulele... thank goodness for you tube !

  2. thanks for reading my blog Christina and for commenting too... i LOVE everything about your blog! xo

  3. That HE/SHE made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants!


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