Tuesday, June 26, 2012

look what's attracting birds in my back yard

what started out as about 12 plants dug up from my cousin mikey's raspberry patch a few years ago has turned into a massive mound of raspberry goodness~ the birds love them and while i am out picking, the birds are scolding and squawking away- trying to scare me off so they can eat them all- little do they know there are enough for all of us!

it's big, my patch. that means massive amounts of deet to go back and pick without needing antihistamines, it means finding about an hour every other day to pick these little berries and then~~~ what to do with them all?

well, if you didn't already know this- making jam is really very easy- so it's jam i am!
here's what i've done with my first 3 gallons of berries.

i have made a lot of jam.
if you want to come pick them-let me know

now, onto something unrelated but equally important.

*does anyone have a good remedy for dry cracked feet? i am so over having calloused feet that could turn into hooves without intervention! I've tried a lot of lotions- and sanding devices-please tell me i'm not alone-anyone out there found a solution?

xo, beth ("neigh")

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