Wednesday, June 13, 2012

good morning sunshine!

my garden makes me happy. especially if it's weeded. last week i weeded, and weeded and now i am really happy with it. at the end of my work day- it's like therapy to stand with the hose in my hand and give my pretties a drink.

 you don't need much yard to have a garden. you can do it on the deck- you can do it in just pots--- it's not too late for the year- if you don't already reward yourself this way, i'd highly recommend you get to the garden center and give it a try. if you're a brand new gardener start small- read up and just experiment. not everything will work- but every year you learn more about what works in your zone (get in the zone people!).

i grew up at the heels of one of the most passionate gardeners i've ever know- my gram had two gardens- each about an acre! one was devoted to flowers and one to fruits and veggies. she'd put on her shorts, get her hoe in her hand and head out to work away- most every day. it's probably one of my favorite ways to remember her.  you were hard pressed to ever find a weed in her gardens either- that girl spent time out there- and my love of always having fresh flowers in the house? yep ~ got that from her. thanks gram for planting the love of gardening in me.

join me~ go green.   or pink!         : )

                                       xo, beth

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  1. Your gardens are INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to be there sitting by them, drinking fountain beverages and laughing! STAT!
    love you!


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