Friday, June 8, 2012

happy friday

today i thought i'd throw you a whole bunch of photos from the last couple weeks- kind of like a photo dump if you will! on my way to work the other day i saw a fab sign on a corner that said BARN SALE and it had a red pennant on it too. well~ a pennant gets me every time-so off i went!

well, the sale was intriguing and i wish i could say that the marvelous vintage wicker rocker below came from there...but the prices were a little too high and  so off i went- next tho there was an estate sale and that's were this old beauty came from. the owner threw in the table and i practically ran all the way to the car carrying it, i was so excited -AND late for work- you gotta leave early on garage sale days people!!!

she's not only pretty-she's a comfortable old soul as well~

while the hubs and our two boys fished in the river last saturday, i lounged quietly in a lawnchair and read a magazine along the bank. it was nice~ but wouldn't it have been lovely if i had been lounging there in my old rocker?        : )

now... i am a pushover, i am but i said "no dogs on the furniture" at the cabin. and i meant it too.
but seriously~ how can you get mad at a puppy as dear as this little guy? (or the fella who helped him get up there?) pretty soon he's goina get big though and then i mean it---NO DOGS ON THE FURNITURE!


friends and i dined on the deck at raddison arrowwood- i was diggin the kiwi green umbrellas so much i wondered if they'd miss one if i just slipped it up my sleeve. looking out at lake darling was a slice of heaven-we used to have a view of it out our bedroom window.

well...i wasn't done uploading photos-but guess what? i guess i am because my site is giving me all kinds of problems so it's "say la vie" my friends!
it's supposed to be a hot mother this weekend-stay close to the airconditioning  friends, or put on your swim suit and run thru the sprinkler!!!!

i got completely and totally sprayed by the sprinkler trying to move it today- it shot right up my shorts legs and i screamed like a girl!!! oh that's right i am a girl!!!!

remember sunscreen too---- and a sun hat- that darn cancer is out there trying to sneak up on us friends~

xo, beth

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