Friday, June 22, 2012

tomorrow is a big day for me.
it's official~ my last child ~graduates from college.
this son of mine is now qualified to be a policeman!....and after a test he has to pass in august, he will be available for hire. i'm so proud of him for choosing law enforcement as a career. we need our policemen right? they keep us safe.

i am proud-oh yes i am... but as his mother my head goes places. it has to explore the dangers and long, late hours and the stress he will have~ is it what i would have chosen for him? probably not- this is the kid i jumped through hoops to have... 4 miscarriages, infertility treatments, his in-utero heart defect followed by a 10 day overdue, Christmas day birth-by the time this kid was born i practically displayed him on a silver platter. HAHA. as a mom we just want to protect our kids- but i will support him and wish him luck in finding a job and ask God to protect him. i will turn it over to God and know in my heart that if this is what he wants to do, then i am o.k. with it.

his sibs are already teasing him about the perks of being a cop:

turning on your lights and racing to dunkin donuts,
turning on your lights and racing to taco bell,
eating donuts,
turning on your lights and racing anywhere-when you need to use the bathroom,
getting out of speeding tickets yourself,
getting to flash a badge,
eating donuts

oh it goes on and on~ & it's going to be an interesting ride- of that i have no doubt.
he's survived driving like a maniac on a closed course-with a "tough as steel" 70 yr. old instructor, and being maced and tasered. oh and there was a lot of psychology & book learning too. AND a couple of bowling classes thrown in for good measure.  (you never know when throwing a heavy bowling ball at a perp may come in handy!)    : )

* pictures will be comin next week!   Have yourself a fabulous weekend,

xo, beth

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  1. Congratulations to your son! What an accomplishment! You should be very proud that all your children graduated from college... that's amazing!


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