Monday, June 18, 2012

"oh how i love to go up in the air"

"oh how i love to go up in the air, up in the sky so blue,
oh i do think it's the loveliest thing, ever a child can do".

i love to swing. sometimes when i'm out for my walk, i just stop at the
big old swings at the elementary school and swing for a bit. pretty sure it lowers my
blood pressure.  : )

when my friend cheri (love her!) moved a couple years ago, she didn't have a tree for her
swing and she offered it to me. it laid out back of our house for all that time until we bought our land this spring. every time we looked at a place- i'd say out loud, "is there a tree for the swing?" 

well even though we have a bazillion trees up north, my big sweetie said he wanted to build me a frame for it, since none of the ones close by were big enough. this weekend he did just that~ he built me a big frame and mounted the swing and i could not be happier...

i gave it a new thick coat of white paint (which took about 4 hours including the scraping) and lars got to work~

whew---she's finished...and just in time for a downpour!
the sun broke out and my grandboy and i tried it out for the first time. it is perfect!

              here's my swings new home 

i hope i never get too old to love to swing....
sunday morning lars and i woke up early and we got our coffee and wandered out to sit together and watch the birds at the feeders and the day unfold. it was father's day and i was full of gratitude for this man by my side. 

 thank you honey for being such a great father and for making me so happy~ xox

xo, beth


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