Friday, December 2, 2011

one of my biggest blessings

      " happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear dawnie, happy birthday to you!"

do you have a sister? well then, lucky you. i do too. she is 18 months older than i am so she's been with me my whole long life. she will always be older than i am- and that's one of my fav parts about our relationship. she had to be wiser, she had to set the good example. she had to wash the dishes, i got to dry them. she had to pave the way and i could just watch and learn from her mistakes-(not that she made THAT many-but sister could be a bit of a hell raiser in her late teens).   : )

she's always had my back and i always feel like there's not one single thing i could ask her for, that she wouldn't do for me. (like give me a kidney and serious stuff like that). she has a servant's heart and is always doing random acts of kindness for others.  the only thing sis won't do is let me have to best place to sleep (example- she'll take the bed -thank you very much, i can have the "hide a bed" with the bar---haha).

here's the dealio tho...even if i'm in the sleeping bag on the floor and she's in the bed above me...there's noone i would have rather shared a room with growing up. there's noone i would have rather gotten lost in the woods with, there's noone i'd rather have portaged that damned canoe with at bible camp or let double pierce my ears with a dull earring post~ than my big sister.

love you forever and for always dawnie, xo beth

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