Tuesday, November 29, 2011

love me some chevy chase

for the past 9 or so years my friend mark and i have had a tradition. he may be the only person on the planet who loves this movie as much as i do. truly, you should really only ever watch your favorite movies with a fellow admirer. well-mark is that guy for me~ and i am lucky. he throws a firelog in the old fireplace-opens a bottle of fetzers chardonnay and calls me. mark and i let our spouses watch with us. we are nice people like that, but to be perfectly honest- i don't think their holiday would be ruined if this event did not occur. for me tho- it would just not be the same. we belly laugh at our favorite scenes, recite the lines we know, and almost every year we marvel at some tiny new aspect we'd never caught before. thanks mark for your sense of humor and for sharing your firelog with me. (promise if we ever don't live 4 houses away, we'll still make time in december to watch it together k.?)

                                                                            xo, beth

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