Friday, November 11, 2011

one last encore

this is it...i swear-can you just bear with me and let me show you one last snippet of the amazing Fall beauty that is right outside my window today? i stood in the kitchen yesterday, marveling at how the maple tree that brushes up against my house was still loaded with all it's gorgeous golden leaves when almost every other tree in the area has dismissed theirs. well low and behold-this morning when i stumbled to the kitchen to make my coffee- overnite it had changed. in the blink of an eye-this was now the scene on the deck:

not. even. kidding. there were DRIFTS of amber leaves- : )

so here's just a few more shots of how insanely pretty my deck looked this morning. and the dear old tree that was once cracked almost in half by a wind storm and has suffered other indignities in it's 18 yrs?  it has provided us with more than just shade. i look at this simple beauty and think
 "thank you God for this big old tree."

i did not place these-i swear-this is how they were

they were even drifted in the crotch of the tree

                                                             xo, beth

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