Monday, November 7, 2011

i'm about to snap

just a photo-that's what i snapped
 saw this on my evening walk. no climbing kids-they mean it!
i stood under this fabulous maple to capture a picture of a leaf or
two as it floated lazily down to the ground. the leaves were falling so fast it actually
sounded like it was raining. it was magical.

the sun in all it's glory

the first ice on the birdbath. the birds need to find their iceskates.

soon these leaves will be covered with snow-it's in the forecast for midweek!
*some fabulous news from my house tonight is that for the first time since i was 6 years old, i will be spending Thanksgiving with not only my sister and her family, but also one of my brothers and his family.I am excited, grateful and just plain thrilled that he will be sitting at my table on a day that is centered around family. Todd, I have missed you. This just feels so right.  xo, beth

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