Friday, November 18, 2011

3 turkeys

it's not every gal who gets to brag that her hubbie can bring home the turkey and fry it up in a pan...

these 3 turkeys are my hubbie-(the little guy), my strapping oldest son and
yes...a legitimate turkey

up close and personal. sure is a pretty bird isn't it? well except for the
head that is. that's actually freakish.

what's on your menu for Thanksgiving? we're having all
the usuals and then some. my sister in law is bringing
her homemade rolls and that may be what i'm most excited about. that and my big sweetie's stuffing. yuuum
if i close my eyes and think about it, i can almost smell it.
i think that means i'm hungry. if you'll excuse me-i'm going to dig in the fridge for a bed snack. : )

xo, b.

oh and p.s!!! i am having a giveaway. you can win this turkey's tail feathers. they are currently hanging by my fireplace and i couldn't be more repulsed.


  1. You have got to be kidding me...that turkey is HUGE!!!!!

  2. isn't it great Jamie? I'm heading over to check out your blog excited you found mine! Love to have new readers~ xo b.

  3. it is so big it looks fake!! happy thanksgiving!!


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