Friday, November 25, 2011


here's a few observations worth noting about our Thanksgiving.

*the weather has never been nicer. not one of us had on boots or stocking caps on the deck.
*the handholding went on so long it got awkward before the blessing was said.

*there was enough turkey for about 12 more people.
*i remembered to light the candles.
*our 115 lb. housedog was  in the kitchen- in the way 98% of the day.
*my niece made the pumpkin pies...a new generation of cooks has been launched.

so impressed ms. ashley
  * the little kids kept winning at bingo, i think it was rigged.
* i only snuck upstairs for a rolaid twice.
* a family picture never happened. there will be no Christmas cards from the larsons.
* my great niece and i had a slumber party on wed. night. we were having so much
   fun on Thanksgiving morning, i wasn't ready when the rest of the guests starting arriving.
* there was glitter all over my comforter when i went to bed and a hard boiled egg maker
  under it? come on family, what gives?
* i miss everyone.
* i am tired
* i feel blessed.

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