Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my little brother

how cute is he???

i'd like to introduce you to my little brother. this is todd. i have 2 brothers and when our mom died at 30, a cousin of my mom's adopted them. my sister and i lived with our grandparents.growing up we only saw each other twice a year, not on holidays tho.
 todd is one of my favorite people on the planet. he is all of these things and more: kind, soft spoken, handsome, outdoorsy, old fashioned, strong, loyal, funny, witty and brave. he has had incredible health challenges in the past 15 yrs. but he has not let that define who he is. he has endured 4 major back surgeries that changed the course of his life and left him at a very young age, almost unable to do the things he loves. it also forced him to change careers and settle for work that probably isn't what he ever thought he'd be doing. the thing is~he has a heart the size of alaska and works with adult men who live in a group home. some of them have become very attached to him. he may very well be the best thing that ever happened in their lives. he cares about them. really cares. it takes a very special person to do that kind of work, and do it with heart. todd also survived west nile virus a few years ago and that was a major health setback that kicked him in the gut for a couple years.
in spite of all this, todd is fun to be around, always thinking of others. he and his DARLING wife mary have a marriage that is to be envied. they were high school sweethearts and have one daughter. it took some convincing on mary's part to get todd to have a baby. he was afraid he couldn't be a good dad, since our father left us when we were little and our momma was dying. well guess what? not only did they have that baby...but todd is the kind of father most girls could only dream of having.
*here's the best part.....are you ready?  drum roll please**********************************
for the first time since we were little kids,  (4 & 7) we are going to be together for a holiday~ smiling and laughing across a table full of food and i for one will be more thankful than you can IMAGINE to be sharing Thanksgiving with my beloved sister and brother and their families. God is good!

                                     xo, beth

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