Saturday, November 19, 2011

love this little family~

so about 4 years ago (right jess?) i had the pleasure of watching this adorable couple get was a perfect day in every way. i watched jessica grow up-she's one of my daughters besties. she and her hubs have dated since they were in diapers practically. well o.k. maybe it was jr. high.  once in awhile there was drama and they wouldn't be dating... then they would be- but they could never stay apart long. they were meant to be together.for always.  a happily ever after kind of couple. today i had the pleasure of taking some photos for them-and meeting their precious new little bambino.

 look who joined them in june----wesley!

it was pretty obvious they adore him


i loved meeting you little guy...your eyelashes
had me green with envy~ xo



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