Wednesday, November 9, 2011

queen b.

I've got a thing about crowns

i think us girls should just do it. let's just all get  ourselves a fabulous tiara and freaking WEAR IT. let's wear it when we're cooking, when we're rockin babies, when we go to target!...who says you have to be married to a king to wear a crown? who says only the divas on the floats get to wear them?  i think we should just start a movement. if you want to join me i'd love to meet you at the mall - in the food court-say around noon. i'll be the one in the yoga pants. wearing a crown.

oh and p.s. i like bees in crowns too.
since my name starts with a B i think perhaps my
grandchildren should consider calling me
queenie B.

one of my best friends was the homecoming queen. to this day when i get to
see her, i ask her whyyyyyy she isn't wearing her crown. is there a time limit? i also tell her, if that baby was mine-i'd so be wearing it.  : )

xo, beth

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