Sunday, November 13, 2011

lucky me~

so...yesterday was a good day. here are some of the highlights:

*i got up early made a cup of international coffee, grabbed my laptop and headed back to bed to read (reading The Homecoming of Samuel Lake-it's gooood) and check my favorite blogs.

* whilst i lazed in bed i got a text from my rockstar daughter who'd just shot her first evaaar deer! she has a fab new guy in her life and she was at his cabin hunting with him. they're in a remote area with no cell phone coverage and i cannot WAIT to hear all about the experience!

sorry for the poor quality-this was sent on a phone

*next I got up, did some household chores and got ready for the day and headed to the library to check out a movie. I walked in and low and behold-there was a demonstration going on on decorating for the holidays-well girls, this was not on my agenda-but when i saw 2 big tables covered with spruce tips, fresh magnolia, huckleberry, birds nests, pepper berries, old ice skates, mittens, window boxes and wreaths i was a goner-i knew my day had taken an unexpected detour.
i registered for prizes and texted one of my bff's and told her to get her tush to the library to join me a.s.a.p

*i settled in and thoroughly enjoyed learning some new tips on using natural materials to spruce up (get it?) the holidays. Here is maybe my favorite one: use Epsom salts to add some sparkle to pinecones, the rims of mason jars-pretty much anything. Just water down some Elmers glue a little and apply to your surface-then roll or sprinkle on the Epsom. it adds a real natural looking sparkle-like snow. they rimmed the edges of old mason jars and  wine glasses with the salts and then filled them half full of the snowy looking product, nestled a tea light down in there-lit it and voila! it was gorgeous. sooooo here's the best part. they gave away most of what they'd designed and guess who won the window box? yep me.

here it is -before i added some red berries

can you see the big old chuncks of birch?

with berries, this is my view from inside the house!


*my friend Cindy -who did rush to the demonstation- invited me to join she, her hubs
and another couple and go out to dinner. i came home, bundled up and went for a brisk walk, went to sat. evening church services and joined them

*the dinner was delicious and the live music great! there was also a couple on the dance floor
that provided such wicked entertainment i could do a whole blog post
about them (but i won't-call me for the gory details-haha).

*i saw the first Christmas lights on the way home. they were spectacular-i'd like to personally
thank the people that apparently rent boom trucks to string lights in trees as tall as water towers, for the enjoyment of all. i get it. i appreciate you. i LOVE Christmas lights people. (have been know to drag my family all over God's green earth when they were young to ohh and ahhh with me-now i have to trick them, say we've got to go to the hospital to visit a friend or something- get them in the car and then break out the Christmas music and hot chocolate, lock the doors and start driving). haha

* my hubs comes home tonight after a 9 day hiatus, hunting and helping my sister's husband with harvest. whoot whoot!

hope your weekend was a good one too,
xo, beth


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