Wednesday, December 7, 2011

it's all about the s*p*a*r*k*l*e...

if there's one thing i love about Christmas it's the's like the extra thick icing on the cake, the croutons on my salad. just a little sprinkle of glitter on a situation makes it a whole lot more special if you ask me! here's a look~see at Christmas around my house.

the hubs wanted just gold and silver on the tree this year, and since he was helping
decorate for the first time in a long and silver it is. now i just need to get some presents
is there anything sweeter than a baby's wide eyed wonder?

i LOVE bottle brush trees

i made these snowguys a long time ago out of paperclay

always decorate your dogs for Christmas right?

what's better than a pretty invitation and a party to look forward to?
again...made by me with all natural materials. the j-apple peeling,
the o-ucalyptus leaf and seeds, the y-birch bark. *JOY* on luggage tags.

now i had better get busy and do the online shopping i sat down to do...i've gotta say my blog calls to me- almost everyday, but seriously loves, i have shopping to do!!! see you soon, xo b.

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  1. ohhh how i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the fabulous tree... the candle stick... your artwork spread all over... the wreath on the dogs head!?! Ummmm... pretty much TO DIE FOR!!!
    Love U!
    p.s. CUUUUUTE blog background! ;-)


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