Saturday, December 17, 2011

all is calm, all is white

yep, you read that right. i woke up to a snow covered deck, driveway & yard. whilst i slept, magic occurred. i was wishing, pining (pun intended) if you will-for a white Christmas. it is beautiful. i am happy.


last night my sweetie & i did the annual Christmas light tour.

these were 2 of the favorites we saw
 we were not disappointed. we saw some amazingly beautiful yards and houses. we listened to ray charles version of little drummer boy, i kept driving and driving till i'd "almost" pushed him to the limit of his patience. not quite though. he was a good sport and we were still laughing and enjoying each other when we drove in the yard.  

                this is for those of you who weren't lucky to receive a new coat of snow last night.

                        sappy i know, but hey i'm just trying to share the love!

                                                                        xo, beth

* oh and i want to wish  a very special happy birthday to one of my favorite people on the planet, my aunt dar. she means the world to me and has been like my 3rd mother. i love you auntie d. xo


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