Saturday, December 3, 2011

hey~ it's december!

~did it snow where you live today? it did here in my little corner of the world and it was beautiful. it made me want to light candles and drink hot chocolate and decorate a tree. i went outside tonight and took pictures of the neighborhood christmas lights in the snow. lights + snow = a happy mama.

this was not taken today ladies and gents...but isn't it a cute picture? it's a friend and my girl adria, a couple winters ago. mary wanted to build a snowman on christmas nite and adria was the only one fun enough to roll around in the snow and act like a kid again with her.

i love the reflection of the evergreen boughs at my front door

thru the screen

*hope wherever you are today even if you don't have our beautiful snow....that the christmas spirit is beginning to settle down upon you like the gentle snowflakes outside my window.* by this time tomorrow night there will be a tree with sparkly decorations in my living room~ fa la la la la, la la la la!

                                               xo, beth

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