Wednesday, December 28, 2011

wednesday randoms

my sis had foot surgery today. sis needs florence nightengale don't ya think?
cue me.
i'll be heading west day after tomorrow to hang with her. we'll play cribbage, i may or may not cook-
(girlfriend hates to cook actually), we'll knit, we'll look at each others Christmas cards, we'll sit with our laptops on our laps-and we'll talk. we shared a room the whole time we were growing up. we are as comfortable together as two old shoes. not as stinky though.

there are goodies in this basket for her. goodies like food, magazines, catalogs,
    candy, gifts and yarn. don't tell her tho, i want it to be a surprise.

the red and green wreath came off the front door today and this cozy new one went up. don't you love it? it's made out of strips of old wool.

this is one of my fab Christmas gifts, i'll be cracking it open at the seesters

i had just enough flowers left from a bouquet to make this tiny little one for the bathroom

i'll leave you with this last random photo...look at the ribbon i scored for 60% off at michaels. it's burlap, it's for next year, i love it.

 i went shopping for something new to wear today. can i just say aaagggghhh? can't say i ever really "score" in that arena. i go full of hope and anticipation. i wear easy off clothes, i pee, i eat a granola bar, i make sure i'm well hydrated and rested... i picture myself looking all cutsie and stylish. i go, i try on, i put back, i get more, i try on, my hair starts to stick straight up with electricity. i get hot, i get hungry, i decide my underwear clad body looks a whole lot scarier in their mirrors than in mine, i lick my fingers and try to get my hair to lay down. i start to dance- not because i'm inspired by the canned music, now i have to pee! the closest bathroom is 3 miles away so  i buy a couple things and come home. i try them on again and think "really"?
* i hate returning even more than i hate shopping though, so i'll keep them.
in the meantime i dream of a closet full of darling clothes that fit right and
make me feel like a million bucks!

ever feel this way?

:  )

xo, beth

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