Tuesday, December 27, 2011

they all hate to have their picture taken~

 and girlfriend loves to take pictures... so i didn't get a whole lot but this is the best of what i've got to offer you from our family's fun Christmas.

my girl loves to hear her brother tell stories, so when i saw this shirt-i laughed out loud

 always so grateful- here's seth  giving dad some love

ms. adria

easy to please-"das boot" made birthday boy cole grin from ear to ear


santa delivered some wax lips to these two lovebirds

 the boyfriend's dog kenzie was a guest too, she's a good girl and kind of stole the show from our old boy blaze. sorry blaze, there were no pictures of you this Christmas. * if you hadn't been sulking downstairs it could have been a different story*

the holidays can be exhausting
 under this blankie lay my youngest. he turned 23 on the 25th and it wore him out. if you were hoping to see a picture of me-sorry. any and all photos taken of me were heinous. this is my blog. i do not have to post heinous photos of myself on here. : )   cool news tho- one of my gifts was photoshop...so from now on (after i learn some tricks)  i will just edit pics of myself-add a head from some other photo, maybe of some other person- you may never recognize me again. LOVE IT!

  so, that's a wrap for Christmas 2011, i hope yours was as blessed as our families. xo, peace out


  1. laurie, aren't these wax lips the BEST??? thanks for leaving a comment, are you a fellow blogger? I'm pretty new and comments make my day! : ) b.


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