Thursday, December 22, 2011

the queen of random

 i woke up early this morning. earlier than i needed or wanted to. pretty sure i have adult a.d.d. and this is some of what was running thru my head:

i need one more gift for eric~
i have to remember to get the rest of my groceries~
i wonder when friend leslie flys in~
i wish i could go back to sleep~
is there ANY chance for snow yet before sat.?~
why is the dog awake?~
i wish i could go back to sleep~
i wish i had good hair~
i don't think i got enough stocking stuffers for eric~
oh NO, i forgot to buy a silver ornament for my Christmas boy~
i'm hungry~
i'm thirsty~
i must have been snoring~
man it was magical going to sleep listening to ava maria~

i love my bed~
i think i need one more fab little gift for my girl~
is it Christmas yet?~
i wish i could go back to sleep~
pretty sure i'll never dare wear my new socks with fur on the top~
this is for sure the year i will get serious about yoga~

you are fabulous, i have a.d.d. -have a nice day!
xo, beth

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  1. You. Are. HILARIOUS!!!!!
    And I want to do yoga like that too! :-) SERIOUSLY!


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