Monday, August 4, 2014

the wonder of water


i love these photos~   
this is precious little asher. he's a family friend's little
boy and he was hanging out at his grama and grampa's yesterday 
so i went over to see him. it'd been awhile and he's changed so much,
he's 9 months old and crawling and loves to pull himself to a standing
position -all day long. grama cindy put some tepid water in a big
cooler in the garage and we all sat around in our lawn chairs and
just watched him.  
:  )

i of course had my camera along and captured some
 extreme cuteness when momma poured water over his head.
he was such a good sport about it, and i'm in love with these 
photos of him and the water droplets, and his priceless
expressions...he makes the funniest faces!

crystal drop earrings

notice the water rounding his ear?

i have a picture of his grampa mark with this exact same expression
(not kidding)

yep asher, i'd be sooooo over it now too- auntie beth is not a big
fan of water in her face! (he never cried though and mom did give him
breaks to breath between each dumping) hee hee

all dry and snuggled up with momma k

after he was done with swimming lessons, we plunked him outside
in the grass and again, he just went with the flow. just immediately got
busy picking up leaves and having a little snack. fiber.

doesn't asher have the most amazing big brown eyes? such a beautiful baby~

keely captioned this picture...
"reeeeeeeeeeally mom?"

even though he'd already been cleaned up in the cooler, 
grama cindy and grampa markie showered him with love.

in my next life, i'd like to be one of their grandbabies...

o.k., i'm cracking up now...i just took the time to dig through old photo albums
and i found the photo i was talking about where grampa
mark has the same expression as asher.
now you're in for a good laugh!!!!!

here's asher again...

and here's his silly gramps

what a great way to start your week huh?
thanks asher d. and markie mark for making us smile!

xo, beth

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