Thursday, August 28, 2014

oh my gosh...i am absolutely in love with an app i
purchased for my i-phone today. you snap a photo and
then process it with this app- (there are a bunch of ways to edit each one
and choices you can use) and your photo suddenly-
right before your very eyes- looks like a 
gorgeous watercolor painting!

here are some of my favorites that i shot, and edited~tonight

learning to paint with watercolors has always been on my
list of things to do "someday",
but with the discovery of this easy- fabulous app
i may not need to. i'm pretty sure i could never paint like this
and i think these are just fun and you?

heading north in the and about 10,000 other people- haha
(one of us for each lake in MN.) :  )
just heard this trivia question on t.v. being broadcast from the
great minnesota get together- the state fair:
"what is the largest body of water in mn. that is completely inside the
state's borders?

hey rain ---rain, go away, come again around monday night, when our
holiday weekend is wrapping up will you?

it's the final horray of summer vacation before all the littles
will be heading for the bus stops and i hope you have some
fun plans for the weekend. i'm excited to go to a rodeo and see
some bull riding action!


answer to trivia?  the upper and lower red lakes 

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